I know it has been a little challenging lately trying to figure out how you are going to serve those clients who want to change up their look up with a nice cut and style and you can’t seem to meet their needs. I get it, you’ve tried watching a few youtube video’s and attended some classes only to find out that you needed more personalized attention right? Would you believe me if I told you that in 8 short weeks, I can help you to become a Short Hair Guru in your City?

I am offering an 8 week boot camp for hairstylists like yourself to help you take your cutting skills to the next level!

Here are 3 reasons why you need to JOIN ME!!!...

  • Develop skilled knowledge and technical advances in the area of signature hair cutting and styling.
  • Attract those clients who desire a new look with the latest cut and style.
  • Generate more income with your new cutting skills.

    Upon completion of this course, you will have all of the tools and skills you need to implement and get started.


    The Details
    Join the online classes.
Join private group
Q&A every Monday 1:00 pm
Classes that are way to record it so you can jump right in and get started 
This group is very interactive so come  ready to engage 
This Squad  is built on love 
"Squad" is a small number of soldiers assembled for drill or assigned to some special task, especially an infantry unit forming part of a platoon.
a small group of people having a particular task.


Here's your chance to finally express your true talents by creating short cuts & styles on your clients that will stop traffic.   Just imagine how your income will explode by simplifying & narrowing down  your business to a specific Niche.

The Classes:

Week 1 :  Basic Curl  Technique

Week 2:  Basic Curl bonus 

Week 3 : No Curl Technique 

Week 4: Flat Iron  Technique 

Week 5 : The Spike Technique 

Week 6:  Beaty Boop Curl Technique

Week 7: Wave Technique 

Week 8: Pin-curl Technique 

Week 9: Spiral Technique ( Bonus) 

What You'll Receive:
8 training videos, each about 15 to 25 minutes long

If you’re ready to get started just click on the payment link below, and get registered NOW for $388! Valued at $776

I look forward to helping you to become the next short hair guru in your city!

Coach Love You

Toya Knowles



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Toya 773-330-1876


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